True Nature

On my way to family and homeland in the Black Forest at the border triangle to France and Switzerland an good friend and artist, the owner of a spiritual school from the City of Angels (LA) have sent these lines to us: “During these changing and often confusing times, remember to stay focused on that which … Continue reading

La vie en rose

About Friendship Be your own best friend. Live a balanced life. Make time for play. When you are playing, time turns into timelessness. Time is not real. Timelessness is real. Go there and play! – by Judith Indira Parsons 

Life is a gift, enjoy every moment

“Beloved One, Your breath comes into you from the great body of God and flows out again into that great body——into the Oneness. This Oneness is vaster than the desert and smaller than a tiny blue pearl. Have you been to a desert? Have you seen the stars? Have you watched the ocean? Have you looked … Continue reading

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