Life is a gift, enjoy every moment

“Beloved One, Your breath comes into you from the great body of God and flows out again into that great body——into the Oneness. This Oneness is vaster than the desert and smaller than a tiny blue pearl. Have you been to a desert? Have you seen the stars? Have you watched the ocean? Have you looked … Continue reading

Here comes the sun

Love, Light, Friends, Yoga, Food: Life is about love and friends (real friendship), about Yoga (Meditation), good food (organic+regional) and the weather in LA. About Love&Light. That’s all. Not much and soo much. But life is simple. After leaving Los Angeles I am missing my new friends, the Golden Bridge family, and the sun. But … Continue reading

Beautiful Break, Still Life.

While Eva from Switzerland is taking a shower in the garden I can show you the apples we will take with us to Big Sur and some lovely flowers, which our dear friend and Yogi Oliver collected on the way to our house to have breakfast with us – before we are leaving. With apple-cinnamon … Continue reading

Love takes me to far away places (4): Exciting villages

Glamour, excitement and living on the countryside was not the picture perfect match, so far. But this is changing from now on. First of all: my love and I will be in rural Alsace again this winter. Second: the Mayan Calendar is ending on October 28, 2011. Didn’t get the point yet, right? Lets ask … Continue reading

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