Life is a gift, enjoy every moment

“Beloved One, Your breath comes into you from the great body of God and flows out again into that great body——into the Oneness. This Oneness is vaster than the desert and smaller than a tiny blue pearl.
Have you been to a desert? Have you seen the stars? Have you watched the ocean? Have you looked intently into the clear bright eyes of a new baby? Have you stood alone in the middle of a snow-covered field? Yes? Yes!
Then you know! There is a power greater and vaster than our minds can fathom. You have experienced it! You have witnessed it! You have glimpsed a small part of your true nature. When you accept that——yes!——you are part of a power great and vast——life becomes simpler and more playful——while at the same time——deeper and more meaningful.”  — by  Judith Indira Parsons, Angel Lessons.,
Food: .

3 Responses to “Life is a gift, enjoy every moment”
  1. ursula says:

    just amazing beautiful pictures!!!!!hello to both of you ursula

  2. ling ling says:

    Dearest Thomas!!!
    Thank you thank you thank you for such beautiful photos. I had such a wonderful day with you both.
    friends, food , sharing . love and light…nothing is better.
    I love the beautiful poem too.
    Sat Nam
    xxx ling

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