Lilly_kleinStefanie_at_work_kleinSoulpics is a personal photographic journal made public. It is a gift to all of us enjoying beautiful pictures and little stories. It is my  poetical vision of everyday life, nourishing our sensous fancy, using my camera as an instrument for painting. I forsake crispness and realistic representation for a more vague, poetical view. Instead of tangible details I present a curve, a posture or a gesture and colors, stimulating you to develop your own, innate vocabulary of vision. My images of women, landscapes and flowers are as vague as a cherished memory, opening the door wide for private thoughts, visions, dreams, smells and phantasies. Loving moments.

In my profession as a portrait photographer (www.leiningerphotography.com), artist and certified Kundalini yoga teacher, trained with Gurmukh and Gurushabd at Golden Bridge Yoga in Los Angeles,  I am searching for moments of silence where I experience divine truth. Living together with my love Stefanie, a wonderful person, designer, gifted chef, author and healer, who is writing an amazing vegetarian food blog (www.wellcuisine.net), and Lilly, the pooch.

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  1. Beautiful and inspiring! Thank you!

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