Love takes me to far away places (4): Exciting villages

Glamour, excitement and living on the countryside was not the picture perfect match, so far. But this is changing from now on. First of all: my love and I will be in rural Alsace again this winter. Second: the Mayan Calendar is ending on October 28, 2011. Didn’t get the point yet, right? Lets ask to Dr. Carl Calleman, a specialist of the Mayan calendar (see him talking on Lilou Mace’s website). He says that civilization will come to an end in the way that a city based life will become to be faced out and will go into directions of connected, exciting villages rather than big cities…
Living on the countryside as a futuristic form of living. Shocking, right? Breathe deep, there comes more: living together with friends, walking to your destinations, in big, global villages. In quiet environments. Live with and in nature. Take your time. No rush. No more rush-hour. Rather waiting for the tea to brew. Take a nap. Poke the open fire. Watch the birds flying. Jump for joy, write letters, have sex in the morning. Feel the difference. In our village nobody locks their door. The eggs are from our neighboor, food from our garden and the organic farmer around the corner, apples from the tree.
Build a tree house with a cozy bed and read “How to be idle” (Anleitung zum Muessiggang) by Tom Hodgkinson. Grow your own tomatoes, feel the wind in your hair, do, what you really want to. Always. Sleep outside, walk the dogs. And do it with compassion and love. Meditate, in the morning or evening or in between. Choose slow over fast. Slow life, slow food. In your cellar you store the apples and potatoes from this year and the wine from last year. A Pinot Gris from “Brandhof” in Cleebourg. Be blessed with the riches and bounty of the heavens and the earth. Always. We bake our own bread and buy the most yummy Croissants at Rebert in Wissembourg. I can smell juicy green grass, holy cows and selfmade rose water. In cubes. This summer. In France.
Simply be. And do it your way. C’est tout. Always.


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