True Nature

On my way to family and homeland in the Black Forest at the border triangle to France and Switzerland an good friend and artist, the owner of a spiritual school from the City of Angels (LA) have sent these lines to us: “During these changing and often confusing times, remember to stay focused on that which … Continue reading

Baby it’s REALLY cold outside

Baby it’s really cold outside. 0° Fahrenheit! Germany is deep-frozen. “Cooper” and its ridge of high pressure is blowing from the East, from Russia. Even the big lakes in the Black Forest are covered with ice to walk on, like on “Schluchsee”, where I watched these people fishing through holes in the ice, just waiting … Continue reading

Into the wild

It’s a wild world out there. Especially in LA and the Black Forest. Kojotes there and wolves here – hunting mountain goats, following their tracks in the howling winds. Even the polar bear goes hunting now. It becomes warmer on mother Earth. It is January and my friends in the city of angels are wearing … Continue reading

Jesus is taking a shower…

in the sun. In Staufen im Breisgau. Merry Christmas. And Sat Nam.

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