Baby it’s REALLY cold outside

Baby it’s really cold outside. 0° Fahrenheit! Germany is deep-frozen. “Cooper” and its ridge of high pressure is blowing from the East, from Russia. Even the big lakes in the Black Forest are covered with ice to walk on, like on “Schluchsee”, where I watched these people fishing through holes in the ice, just waiting in silence. It looks like they are meditating. And you can see why our Forest is called the “Black” Forest. The sun, the light is almost like in LA, only the temperature is a bit different …

One Response to “Baby it’s REALLY cold outside”
  1. Esther Blanche says:

    We just arrived from Spain and up in the mountains there was snow too-for the first time
    since 40 years! But we saw the beauty in these cold and sunny impressions, and your
    pictures show it.

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