Weather report: These days are erratic, crazy. Trumpy. Here on the island, too. On Mallorca. Some days ago it was warm like in a swedish summer and we could make a boot trip from Palma to Port d’Andratx, then all of a sudden it became chilly and it was snowing for hours – that’s a … Continue reading

Flowers, snow and dogs

The best way of life is to be, simply be. The purpose of life is to enjoy every moment. Out there.

I wish you were here

It smells like snow in April, sometimes. You know: Not everyone who has no talent should become famous.

April does what it likes…

April  (German) April! April!
 Der weiß nicht, was er will. Bald lacht der Himmel klar und rein,
 Bald schaun die Wolken düster drein, Bald Regen und bald Sonnenschein!
 Was sind mir das für Sachen. Mit Weinen und mit Lachen
. Ein solch Gesaus zu machen! April! April!
 Der weiß nicht, was er will. O weh! O … Continue reading

Into the wild

It’s a wild world out there. Especially in LA and the Black Forest. Kojotes there and wolves here – hunting mountain goats, following their tracks in the howling winds. Even the polar bear goes hunting now. It becomes warmer on mother Earth. It is January and my friends in the city of angels are wearing … Continue reading

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