Sevilla. You are such a beauty. You surprise around every corner with gorgeous architecture and you smell of oranges. I brought some home from the trees there in southern Spain and cook the whole fruits in boiling water, put them in the blender with some maple syrup and got such a nice treat for breakfast … Continue reading

Rich and Bountiful

Good wishes for 2015 – for all of us: much love, sun, joy and prosperity. And more soulpics… (excerpts from my new book project)  

April does what it likes…

April  (German) April! April!
 Der weiß nicht, was er will. Bald lacht der Himmel klar und rein,
 Bald schaun die Wolken düster drein, Bald Regen und bald Sonnenschein!
 Was sind mir das für Sachen. Mit Weinen und mit Lachen
. Ein solch Gesaus zu machen! April! April!
 Der weiß nicht, was er will. O weh! O … Continue reading

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