Weather report: These days are erratic, crazy. Trumpy. Here on the island, too. On Mallorca. Some days ago it was warm like in a swedish summer and we could make a boot trip from Palma to Port d’Andratx, then all of a sudden it became chilly and it was snowing for hours – that’s a curiosity and happens not very often. But it was fun. And pretty. Then it became warm and sunny as usual again and we could walk at the sea in this bright mediterranean light I love so much. And now it’s raining all day long. Time to read, to write and do some office work…while watching good and bad weather. Anyway: Keep up to carry the sun in your heart. Steady.











2 Responses to “Winterly”
  1. Esther Scheidler says:

    Was there these days- with storm and rain…but still walking and taking pictures…but did not call because of this–next time Í will.-)

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