Rich and Bountiful

Good wishes for 2015 – for all of us: much love, sun, joy and prosperity. And more soulpics… (excerpts¬†from my new book project)  


The tourists are gone – silence and winter are back. Words can be destroyed – silence cannot be defeated.


There is so much¬†magnificence near the ocean, waves are coming in, waves are coming in…

Flowers, snow and dogs

The best way of life is to be, simply be. The purpose of life is to enjoy every moment. Out there.

Private thoughts, dreams and phantasies (2)

“Their silky, grained tones seem to play with the pastelled qualities of the Impressionists, harking back to the works of Degas and Toulouse-Lautrec. In their soft, illuminating way the photographs mark a surprisingly conclusive, erotic striving forward of the photographer’s poetical vision of everyday life within his work, nourishing our sensuous fancy. He uses his … Continue reading

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