Pure, Pretty, Perfect

Nature is pure, pretty and perfect. Actually. For a time. Such is life. And photography. Fleeting. Vulnerable.

Feel free and do what you want

Hypothetically, people worry about everyone being selfishly oriented. “If everyone did exactly what they want to do, what kind of world would this be?” And we say, a really, really good one. Because if everyone did what they wanted to do, everyone would feel free. And if you feel free, you feel empowered. And every … Continue reading


Private thoughts, dreams and phantasies (3)

“Images of women, flowers and landscapes – as vague as a cherished memory, opening the door wide for private thoughts, visions, dreams and phantasies.” Pictured memories of Los Angeles, HongKong, Sedona and Nice.

Private thoughts, dreams and phantasies (2)

“Their silky, grained tones seem to play with the pastelled qualities of the Impressionists, harking back to the works of Degas and Toulouse-Lautrec. In their soft, illuminating way the photographs mark a surprisingly conclusive, erotic striving forward of the photographer’s poetical vision of everyday life within his work, nourishing our sensuous fancy. He uses his … Continue reading

Love takes me to far away places (1)

Back from Sunset Blvd and the bubbles of phantasy I went to bed, dreaming of far away places in Mexico (1), in France and Italy – what a wonderful inner and outer journey. This summer. With my love. Like sunset and sunrise. Always. So delightful, so light. Far away and soo close. Like being at home. … Continue reading

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