Private thoughts, dreams and phantasies (2)

“Their silky, grained tones seem to play with the pastelled qualities of the Impressionists, harking back to the works of Degas and Toulouse-Lautrec. In their soft, illuminating way the photographs mark a surprisingly conclusive, erotic striving forward of the photographer’s poetical vision of everyday life within his work, nourishing our sensuous fancy. He uses his camera as an instrument for painting, discovering a new form of sensualism for the picture-capturing device. Instead of tangible details he presents the onlooker with a curve, a posture or a gesture, stimulating him to develop his own, innate vocabulary of vision. His images of women, flowers, food and landscapes are as vague as a cherished memory, opening the door wide for private thoughts, visions, dreams and phantasies.”
(from the exhibition catalogue “Shades of Colour”)


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