Slow Down

Take your time. No rush. Relax. Just do it. I would like to share some lines from my wise and famous yoga teacher Gurmukh. “Dear Divine Ones, Nowadays it seems we are so urgent to know the answers to everything right away. We live in the age of speed. Remember when you took photos, went … Continue reading


Autumn in Love

Seasons are changing. Trees are growing. Yellow ochre and cadmium green is singing an autumn drunken silent song. We are getting older. Because things are changing. But time is not real. Time does not exist. The older you are, time becomes more and more meaningless. Nothing happens in the past or future. The time is … Continue reading

Beautiful, Bountiful, Blissful

We stand at the official beginning point of the Aquarian Age. For the first time in 26,000 years our Solar System will be in direct alignment with the center of our galaxy. From the perspective of sacred and celestial science, these facts are shadows of a more galactic harmony! The alignment that is happening is … Continue reading

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