Slow Down

Take your time. No rush. Relax. Just do it.

I would like to share some lines from my wise and famous yoga teacher Gurmukh.

“Dear Divine Ones,

Nowadays it seems we are so urgent to know the answers to everything right away. We live in the age of speed. Remember when you took photos, went to the drug store and got the film developed. Several days later all excited, you went back to see your vacation in photos laughing and sharing with your family. Disappointed if some didn’t get developed. And then the photo albums with the little corner stickers. How to place them on each page? Wow! It was an exciting way to relive your memories. Now they say people sometimes take a thousand photographs when they are on holiday. They never experience the moment because they’re always trying to capture it!

A quote came to me from Yogi Bhajan: “Don’t rush to know everything right away. What’s best is whatever you know, practice it.”

As we go into holiday mode may the lyrics from Simon and Garfunkel  inspire you: “Slow down you move too fast. You got to let the moment last.”

Have a blessed slower more magical and mystical day!”











2 Responses to “Slow Down”
  1. Pratyusha says:

    Lovely clicks 🙂

  2. Indira says:

    Gorgeous photos, Thomas. Makes me want to be there. Wherever there is.

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