Bread, beer, cars…

Back home. I am starving after swimming and diving in the sea. German bread, I read,  is so addictive that ex-pats and German visitors will go to great lengths to find it abroad. My love is a gifted chef and author with an amazing
food blog and was born in Germany. So – I am a lucky guy. She bakes the most yummy bread you can imagine – with carrots and zuccini or nuts and all organic. At home. Just bread and butter, nothing else, tonight. May be some pink Himalayan salt or a big piece of raw milk cheese from Bernard Antony, the best cheese maker from the Alsace in France close to Basel in Switzerland, where the world’s premier international show for Modern and contemporary art, the Art Fair Basel, takes place.

German bread, an old goat cheese and a glass Sancerre or a Munster and a Gewuerztraminer from Klipfel. Breathtaking. Only women are tasting better. And I love German cars – Porsche, BMW, Audi, an old Mercedes, like my “gold-donkey” – so sexy. And Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, one of Masaru Emoto’s favourite poets, and Hermann Hesse, who I adore for writing “Siddhartha” and who was sitting in one of my favourite Cafés in Ascona at the Lago Maggiore looking at colorful pedal boats in the last century.  

Good music (Mozart, James Brown and C.C. White), bread and beer, German beer. Well, everyone who visited the “Oktoberfest” in Munich knows all about it, especially the dark and strong ones. There are still so many small breweries left, if you ever have the chance visit the Rothaus Brewery in the Black Forest (where I was born and where “our” Marlboro Country is) and order a Tannezaepfle and a Krautsalad and Kaesespaetzle. Or try to find the other most incredible one: Tegernseer Special. Mind blowing. So tasty. Have a Tegernseer at the restaurant “Engelbecken” in Berlin, the best shopping town ever, make a stop in Dessau, where the Bauhaus is and please visit Weimar, where Goethe used to live and met Gertrude von Stein…

2 Responses to “Bread, beer, cars…”
  1. Klaus says:

    Seems to me, far away from home you remember a strong good feeling for your “Heimat”. However, you have always been a guy, who knows his roots. I appreciate your learnings from the experiences abroad, including your sexy photography. Without making promotion, I would like to add Waldhaus brewery ( as a strong alternative to the “governmental” Rothaus brewery. But you are right – a Tannezäpfle always is okay, too.

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