Betty and the Blue Hour were gone with the wind, back to the sea, to Atlantis, chewing the moon. Diving through my memory, looking for soulmates, relaxing and having fun with other mermaids, like dolphins. Lifting the veil for moments, for pictures. Of where we come from. The Big Blue. Cool film, by the way.

What the bleep do we know? Where did I come from? Where will we end up if we continue tracking down our ancestors to the very beginning? Wouldn’t we arrive in front of God, who created each of us? Did you know that prayers, the vibration of words shape everything from water to our health and life. Water that was shown the term Love and Gratitude create the most beautiful crystals. Water, so Masaru Emoto, connect the world of the Divine with the human race, like God’s messenger. “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”. And words, mantras, sound, a type of energy, refer to a vibration. God used the vibration, the cosmic sound (Naad), to create all of life. So each creation maintains a certain frequency, vibrating in a unique way.

Prayers, like the ones from Howard Wills – their vibration, their energy –  can transform and dissipate something, a tumor, in one second. Words are healing. Loving words. Because everything, even the smallest known level of atoms, the elementary particle, vibrates slightly. With LOVE and GRATITUDE you can change the world. If we choose to resonate and harmonize with the rest of the world, the planet will continue to vibrate and maintain life. So let’s live a life filled with love and gratitude. There is no need to fear death. God exists within us, we are all children of God.

When we die, mother is carrying us back to the sea, and into the LIGHT. Because those who shine with the light of love and gratitude will be surrounded by this spectacular, eternal shining light.


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