Sunset by night

Delicious German bread in the city of angels – that’s like heaven on earth, looking down on Sunset Blvd from our terrace on the top of the world. All the lights there, and memories of  Jim Jarmusch’s film “Night on Earth”. I grab my favorite Nikkon and a taxi with no roof, a red-and-blue colored parrot is sitting on the drivers legs, wearing a blue overall with white spots on it and glasses like the bottom of a bottle. It smells a bit strange, but I’ve got the stars above me and my mission: Lights and colors, by night, on Sunset.
Answering the question coming out of the famous mouth of Picasso: Why do two colours, put one next to the other, sing? And his answer? He had no idea. Meanwhile we know that each creation maintains a certain frequency, vibrating in a unique way, like music, like a sound. And if one color meets another, they resonate – they sing!
Let’s have a look to that “concert”, my symphony of colors on Sunset Blvd –  in LA, by night (on earth).

5 Responses to “Sunset by night”
  1. tico says:

    he jo di, sell isch doch emol widder öbbis.
    ich zitiere:
    “Are you a lucky little lady in The City of Light
    Or just another lost angel…City of Night
    City of Night, City of Night, City of Night, woo, c’mon.”
    >>keep on rockin’, leines!

  2. mat says:

    Great stuff

  3. Esther Blanche says:

    Bubbles of phantasy, so delighting- beautiful like sunset, all those memories and imaginations…

  4. Klaus says:

    … just like funky dancing nights in the “Waldhaus” in Freiburg… Great! Colors to be smelled, colors to be heard, colors in good vibrations. Did the parrot dance?

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