Sweet Dreams

Sweets for my sweets, honey for my honeys: Making-off pics of our daily book production at our winter location on Mallorca. We are so happy to be here and have the possibility to create such beauty with sweets and healthy food for foodlovers. Both books will be published this year in october and a third … Continue reading

Lemon Light

Spring, here we come: Juicy times. For lemons and food lovers. Time for smoothies and detoxing. Empower Yourself!

Bonne nuit Betty Blue

“Guten Abend, gute Nacht, das Meer singt Dir ein Liebeslied und der Mond leuchtet wie ein großer, runder Po, ganz weiss am Himmel, und winkt Dir zu.” Sweet dreams, bonne nuit – Betty Blue. The blue hour comes from the French expression l’heure bleue, which refers to the period of twilight each morning and evening where … Continue reading

Vive la France: Grasse et Aix en Provence

Grasse is considered the world’s capital of perfume. The town has a nice smoky (“per fumum”) smell. If you would like to explore a new thrilling scent, buy fragrances from Serge Lutens – they are the most exciting ones. Aix-en-Provence is the city of arts and light. Paul Cézanne was born and died there – a … Continue reading

Here and Heaven

The power of Now is Here and Heaven can wait. One after others, be totally aware and do it powerful, with your own inner truth. Stand up, speak up, do it your way.  And life will become easier.

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