May the long time sun shine upon you. All love surround you. And the pure light within you guide your way on.


May the long time sun Shine upon you, All love surround you, And the pure light within you Guide your way on. kundalini yoga – farewell blessing


Oh, Beauty, passing beauty, sweetest sweet, Sweetie. Flowers. Life.  

Lovely Place

Whenever something that you think you want does not unfold, it is for one of two reasons: Either your habit of vibration, your belief, your dominant vibration that you are offering relative to the subject, doesn’t match what you think your desire is, or, you and your desire are a perfect match, and this thing … Continue reading


I am the resplendent shine of a flower, Fiery in crimson joy upon the soil, Scintillating, an ember in cyan, I, never, fade in your world. By Tri N Tran Pics taken at one of my favorite places in South Germany: The “Staudengaertnerei” in Laufen.

Warning: Strange dogs and a fulfilled life.

A good life is a rich, fulfilled life. It is about: loving ourselves and loving others, being a giver of love and being a receiver of it. Enjoying the beautiful gift of our senses. Indulging life, celebrating it. Understanding that we are much more powerful than we think we are.┬áBeing grateful for everything that is. … Continue reading

Feel good, be good, do good

While it is obvious that a good-feeling body makes for a more pleasant physical experience, we want you to understand that finding pleasant things to focus upon also makes for a good-feeling body. However, most humans are approaching the subject of their physical well-being in a backward manner. Most people who are experiencing physical ailments … Continue reading

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