Almond Blossom

Springtime on Mallorca. No words. Such a beauty. For a short spell. A blast of nature.

Snowy Spring

It was snowing on Mallorca. Like once in years. And the mountains behind our house are still white and the air blowing down from these huge guardians is cold and one reason for the late blossom of the almond trees on the island. But now we go again. Winter hay fever for snowbirds. Strange. And so … Continue reading

Little Summer

In January and February Mallorca is transformed into a sea of flowers. There are almost five million almond trees on an area of 24.400 hectares. Almond trees all over the islands are springing to life; delicate flowers from white to deep pink, are bursting out across the countryside. On Mallorca the almond tree can be described as … Continue reading

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