Colour Charts

One day I visited Santa Barbara. As I walked the sunny streets of California I had my small camera in my trouser pocket. What I didn’t know was that the camera took pictures all along. That evening at home I saw my camera’s work and loved it: she had used the fabric of my pants as a filter and together with the differing lights and colours of the surroundings she had reached a whole palette of all different kinds of colourful shades. In combination these shades reminded me of some of Gerhard Richter’s paintings. As an answer to the question if one could do “objective” art he took ready made colour charts and reproduced them in his paintings. Can art be objective? I don’t know and I’m not very interested in that question myself. But I believe in random, accidental moments. Situations as little gifts from the universe that we could never have planned the way they occurred. That’s life. That’s art. That’s the way I love it.
7 Responses to “Colour Charts”
  1. co says:

    What a beautiful sunday morning surprise!

  2. Esther Blanche says:

    In our phantasy we can imagine many paintings out of these colours.

  3. Rachel Lara says:

    wonderfu! so playful. thank you for sharing. I will be sure to follow. Sat Nam, Ji.

  4. ling ling says:

    Darling thomas,
    congratulations on your blog it is beautiful!!!
    thank you for sharing your work…such softness and beauty.
    love and light
    ling lingxx

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