Sea of love

Went to the sea for a swim. To Laguna Beach. The French Riviera, in CA. Très jolie. Surfing with the other childs in the waves, getting bigger in the late afternoon. Just fun. And cooling. The heat of this sunny day in August. Remembering times at university going with my beauteous fellow students to the lake near the campus. Jumping in and getting out, laughing and warming up on hard wood panels, gazing at the blue in the sky, like living inside a “Nivea-Ball”, and singing: “The river is flowing – flowing and growing. The river is flowing, back to the sea. Mother is telling me, a child I will always be, mother is carrying me, back to the sea.”

And then she came around the corner, a bottle Clos de Vougeot in one and a white frisbee in her other hand, saying: Let’s play. Running like young dogs, kissing and chewing the moon, sunshine, mon amour.


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