We are the children of our past. And we create our future with the power of NOW – by attracting joy, health, and abundance. Cause I get what I am thinking. So here I’ll tell the story of what I – and we all – want: LOVE,
enough TIME, JOY, a good HEALTH, new WISDOM, enough MONEY, SUCCESS and BEAUTY.

It is (in my experience) the best to attract such a “rich” life by being grateful – great and full – of what I have. To enjoy it (with a sense of humor), to be alive, every moment. To thank god, the universe. And by expanding, growing myself. To be open and receptive for all good. To increase the power to manifest my wishes, my loving thoughts. To smile about “my” thoughts, not to own them. To be conscious of the present moment. To meditate. Be silent. And feel the peace within me. To be happy – by picturing this divine truth, these loving moments. For the people of love and gratitude.

8 Responses to “Love&Light”
  1. congratulations to your new blog, my love! Beautiful.

  2. jochen says:

    sehr schön.

  3. Shyann says:

    Beautiful my friend! Sat Nam

  4. Liza Sat Akal Camba says:

    It’s beautiful Thomas…your images and writing are so gentle and poetic to the soul. I enjoyed your aesthetic and the softness of your imagery. Congratulations on starting your blog and thank you very much for sharing your truth! sat nam!

  5. Tobias says:

    very nice. what a beautiful blog! full of joy and spirit, peace and love – and besides, unbelievable beautiful shots

  6. Alex says:

    DAS LICHT!!!

  7. Beautiful! So very inspiring!

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