Look Up

How easy it is to fill up the emptiness and fill it up and fill it up until you’re just stuffed full of thoughts that can never lead you to peace. Some people spend their entire lives thinking and thinking – even to the point that they drive themselves crazy with their thoughts! Each thought carries a weight, and that is a weight in your head. Can you imagine how much weight you carry around?
Allow time to be part of Nature. Lie on your back and just look up at the clouds, rather than looking straight into a computer screen for hours and hours. Walk perhaps, instead of riding in a car. Evaluate the busyness, and ask yourself, “Why?”
Now is the time to deep clean sweep your mind. Move into thoughtlessness, look up, listen deeply, meditate more, and have the best time in your life.











6 Responses to “Look Up”
  1. Esther Scheidler says:

    Thinking does not do any harm-it is a tool, like a muscle-peace is in the heart.

  2. Esther Scheidler says:

    We do need more contact with nature-less city-life though

  3. Esther Scheidler says:

    Beautiful scenery around Pollenca.-)

  4. Matthias says:

    On the sunny side of the road isch halt au lichter Meditiere wie im chalte un füchte Norde. Mir hän d Sunne halt im Herze. Hast pronto, Compadre.

  5. Do isch was dra, hasta pronto i huuse ho.

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