Happy Dog

Dogs are so clever. Especially our Parson Russel Lilly. She knows all about life and what’s important to be happy: To relax, to play, to sleep and FOOD. She is living a healthy and happy life. She knows that life is not only about work. Her success is not a business, it’s a way of life, it’s how she looks into the world and how she creates her world – by being happy and conscious about what happens around her, in a relaxing way.  In the early morning she is practicing yoga, starts always with some downdogs, and then she is running around the neighborhood – with us. After breakfast she gets some sleep. In fact she is sleeping almost all day long – dogs need a lot of sleep and there is not much to do in the heat of  this summer on the island. So she is is always looking for a shady place to lay down, having a nap, till the evening, when it is becoming cooler and the geckos become more interesting…But if we are cooking and baking for a new book (like these days or better like always) she is always near by. And because she is clever and a fancy lady she is patient and not greedy. She knows time is working for her. She only has to wait and see. She is overlooking what is happening. And when it happens she is in the right place….Maybe she is attracting these little accidents. Anyway: Even if nothing happens there are always some yummy leftovers and she knows that. She only has to wait. So: Take your time, no rush, don’t be greedy, relax, be happy, play and laugh. Good premises for success!


















4 Responses to “Happy Dog”
  1. julia says:

    Da wünscht man sich ein Hundeleben 😉 nice & wise gal

  2. Wren says:

    So wonderful, thanks for sharing with all of us!

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