Dear Ones,

The Spring Equinox is upon us on March 20th. As the Earth rotates around the mighty Sun, the Equinox brings a peaceful equanimity to the entire Earth. It is a day when all is in balance; a moment of equal light and darkness, giving us the ability to find balance in the hemispheres of our brain.  Many times our own personal lives and our global life seem so imbalanced; however, the Equinoxes are those sacred moments in natures cycle where we can tune in and come back into harmony.

When we are in perfect balance, time stands still. We call that moment Shuniya. Please be in community, meditate and celebrate. You are the blessed ones who have the awareness and the choice to do so, do not waste it. If you can not find your way to Golden Bridge Yoga for our special classes, then try this where ever you are. On the Equinox, place yourself into Tree Pose with your arms up over your head for at least 3 minutes on each side. Keep your eyes open. Your Drishti is gazing steadily at the horizon. Experience perfect balance, it feels good and feels right. Hold in union with Mother Nature and honor yourself and her and the Divine Dance between the two of you.

As you approach this auspicious day, may we experience more balance in our lives as we pray for balance in this world.

Blessing you all!

Lines by Gurmukh, my famous yoga teacher.









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