Dog heaven on earth

Just a short hop from Big Sur is Carmel at the Sea. If a community could be dog heaven on earth, this picturesque village would be it. Carmel spends $ 10,000 annually on biodegradable poop bags, placed strategically throughout town and on the beach. In fact, Carmel has more dog-friendly businesses per capita than any other community in California, possibly in the entire United States. Dogs have been a key part of life here for nearly a century. Dogs have in some restaurants their own menu and of course, that welcome feeling could well come from knowing that Carmel City Beach, one of the most enticing beaches in CA, lets pooches run leashless. And if it is too foggy at the coast, you may prefer to stay in Carmel Valley, in the sunny Village, having lunch at the Corkscrew Café, a wonderful restaurant with a lovely outdoor seating area that has trees, a grape awning, and umbrella-topped tables. A special place to stay over night is the Blue Sky Lodge, a basic dogfriendly motel from the 1940s. And the people who run this lodge are super-friendly to humans too…


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