Love takes me to far away places (2): Lago Maggiore

Bella Italia. In the South of Switzerland. After passing the never ending Gotthard tunnel and heading to Bellinzona. Then make a right to Locarno. Sitting on the market there in August when it gets dark, watching the best films of the Festival at the open-air screening space on the astonishing Piazza Grande. That time it’s hard to find a hotel room in this small, pretty, old school town by the lake. Try Ascona around the corner. Hermann Hesse used to drink his coffee there, looking at the colorful pedal boats on the water. We used to drive to Ascona in the morning after leaving the Clubs in Basel or Zurich – to have breakfast. If you can’t get a room rent a caravan and a Vespa (scooter) at Camping Lago Maggiore in Tenero. So nice to play soccer on the water. Or charter a small boat and drive to Cannobio to have lunch in the port and if you want to stay over night, the Hotel Cannobio has an incredible view and even dogs are allowed.


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